Students Against Fighting & Bullying

S.A.F.B is a safe place for students to express their views, experiences and talk about the frustrations and fears about this touchy subject called “Bullying.”

“With an issue that is so personal like bullying, it has to be solved by the people that it affects the most, and that’s the students. We can talk around it all day as adults, but it’s when you see students get involved that you see positive change,” says Judi Sharrett, superintendent of the 400-student Plummer-Worley School District in Idaho.

Every week on Wednesday afternoons from 6PM until 7PM beginning May 22nd, 2019, your child is invited to attend an interactive conversation about the outbreak of school fights and bullying in Houston, TX.

Registration is required and a confidentiality form must be signed by the parent.

Parents are welcome to volunteer.

How to Register?

Fill out the simple contact form at the bottom of the Home Page of this website.

One of our S.A.F.B. volunteers will contact you with confirmation.

In His Obedience,

Dr. Roberta Carter