Pastor Roberta Carter

 Roberta is the Senior Pastor of Immanuel Worship Center.

Spiritually, Roberta is a product of Jeremiah 29:11 and Isaiah 61. Constantly seeking for love and acceptance from the world, Roberta has made many bad choices that led her down a road of many afflictions resulting in purification and seeking a life of holiness. Praise God for knowing the plans He has for Roberta. With the love and grace of God, Roberta has overcome many obstacles and pitfalls.

She is an author, writer and poet of “The Passions of an Intercessor ", as well as 8 other self-published books. Roberta serves God with a spirit of humility. Her greatest desire is to see the body of Christ transformed through the power of personal prayer and a thirst to “study to show thyself approved”. I believe that each believer can pray and intercede not only for your very own life but also for your neighbor and without the assistance of who we consider to be more anointed or more popular. Back to basics with prayer is my own personal attempt to clean up what has been messed up by religion and overly religious people. I pray that my life and experiences will not only help but sow a seed of prayer into the life of someone else.