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Basic Theology and Leadership Accountability

The Bible was written over a period of 1500 years, by about forty different writers, on three different continents. There is a great deal of diversity within the Bible, at the same time displaying an amazing unity. It presents an internally consistent message with one great theme: God's love for man and the great lengths to which He went to demonstrate that love. Knowing God is Knowing LOVE.

• Dr. Roberta Carter

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This is the most “Powerful and Thought Provoking Leadership Class you will ever take!

Dr. Roberta Carter will leave you on the edge of your seat. She teaches the Word of God in such a simple yet dynamic way. She brings the scriptures to life

-Assistant Pastor Antina Powell

Many people take on titles and calling but their spirit never changes there is no such thing as a “nice nasty leader”.

-Pastor Stacey Mouton

What we offer:

• Basic Theology

• The gifts of the Spirit

• Called & Accountable

• Homiletics


• Our assignments will not interfere with your daily life or add too much to your already busy life. It’s doable.


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